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Evolution of Headstones

The art of designing headstones dates back to early Roman and Celtic cultures. Monuments erected then often told detailed stories of an individuals life whether he be a great warrior, a poet, or a humble craftsman. Following this point in history the lineage of headstones becomes thoroughly intertwined with that of the spread of Christianity. Headstones often began to take a cross-like form and become a representation of religious faith. Also, as Christianity grew it became the center of life for more and more people; thus grave memorials began to represent life and religion in one.

While many individuals were buried in churches or elaborate tombs the colonies in the Americas began to use plentiful rocks such as limestone and sandstone to create headstones. Eventually, it was discovered that igneous were particularly endurable and thus an optimal choice for immortalizing the memory of loved ones.

Although we look back through history and see the construction of hundreds of awe-inspiring monuments, there has been no greater presence and popularity of headstone designs than in the past century. Today, at some point in life, nearly everyone goes through the process of buying a headstone. Often, still holding with tradition, monuments are embellished with bible verses and religious symbols. Headstone engraving has also developed to make it a simple process to decorate a memorial with personal quotes, designs, or even portraits of the deceased.

We have taken the evolution of headstones to the next level. We have taken the process of purchasing and designing monument to the internet. You now have the option to select, design, and order a headstone from the comfort of your very own home!