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What personal information will I need to know when designing a headstone

When you are designing a headstone for a loved one, you will need to know some specific details about the person. If the death is unexpected or the person did not prepare a will, you may also need to choose a design that suits the person’s personality and your budget.

First and foremost, you will need the correct spelling of the person’s full name and any nicknames they may have had. Some people prefer to not have a middle name or initial on the monument, while others may choose to include a nickname of the person. You will also need to know the person’s date of birth and also their date of death. This information can be obtained from the death certificate, which you can acquire from your state’s records office.

After you have gathered the aforementioned facts, you will start the process of designing the headstone. Designing a headstone can be a very personal affair because you are designing an object that will epitomize the deceased. You will have to take into consideration how much that person meant to you and how you think the person would like to be remembered.

Many people choose laser etching for their headstone because it’s very distinct and personal. If you know the person had a unique hobby or activity they enjoyed doing while alive, then you can have a symbol of their hobby etched on the gravestone. For instance, a pilot may have an airplane etched on the monument, while someone who enjoyed fishing may have a view of their favorite fishing spot etched onto the front of the gravestone. As long as the image is not subject to copyright and approved by the cemetery, you can have whatever you like engraved onto a headstone. If you need help making a decision, discuss it with family members to see if they have any ideas or input about the headstone design.

Take all the time you need to consider the options you have available because designing a headstone is very personal process. Remember that once you have approved the headstone design and the gravestone is complete you cannot change it, so choose a tribute that will honor you or your loved one.