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Why personalize memorials?

Personalizing a memorial is a unique testament to the life of a person. Even in modern cemeteries that only accept bronze grave markers, many people still choose to feature unique symbols or epitaphs to memorialize their loved one.

A common way to personalize a memorial is to include a ceramic picture or laser etched portrait. This provides a face to the name so future family members or visitors can reflect upon the individual buried there. It is also a way provide visitors and any future family members with additional information about the deceased because they are able to associate a name with a face. Some people choose to include a ceramic picture or laser etched portrait to have a face that constantly greets them when they visit their loved one’s grave because it can assist with the grieving process.

Another way to personalize a memorial is to include an epitaph, verse, or endearment. Epitaphs and verses can be unique sayings or poems the person enjoyed why living, while endearments provide short, affectionate words that describe the individual. Epitaphs or verses can be anything the individual wants to have engraved or etched. They can be personal quotes from the deceased or parts of songs that the person enjoyed listening to while alive.

Fonts for memorials are fairly versatile with many different styles available for engraving. Fonts are a fairly simple way to add flair to a headstone and to give information about an individual.
Symbols or other designs can be added to personalize a headstone as well. Aside from traditional designs such as flowers, crosses, trees, birds, etc., many designs today can be very distinct. In fact, it’s pretty common to find symbols and designs such as cowboy hats, sports emblems, musical references, and other facets of pop culture etched or engraved onto headstones.

Think about how much the person meant to you in life and how you will remember them. If you are purchasing a headstone on a pre-need basis for yourself, think about what makes you unique and what impression you would like to leave on the world. Remember, gravestones can be customized to fit anyone’s wishes.