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Choosing a Headstone Dealer

Choosing a headstone dealer or monument company can be a trying time for you when you are coping with the death of a loved one. In addition to this stress, you are selecting a monument that externalizes the essence of your loved one and represents a final, personal touch to the world.

While the process may seem very simple and straightforward, it is to your advantage to select a monument company that has your best interest at heart.

Understandably, grieving is a process that leaves many people irrational and not in their normal state of mind.  There are a few people who work for funeral and monument companies who capitalize on this opportunity to prey on unsuspecting people and charge them exuberant prices. It’s important to be aware and ensure that the person you are doing business with has your best interest at heart. That being said, there are some important questions you should keep in mind:

Does the monument company go above and beyond to meet your needs?
A headstone dealer should respect your wants and needs and not push you to make a decision immediately or recommend products that are out of your price range. This person should be able to answer all of your questions with thoughtful answers. If they don’t know the answer, they should admit it and should contact you whenever they have the information you need.

Will this company take responsibility if something goes wrong?
If something goes wrong, such as the wrong headstone is ordered or your loved one’s name is misspelled will the dealer take responsibility for it? These are rather costly and time-consuming errors and should be taken care of by the appropriate party if the situation arises.

Has this company been recommended to you?
Sometimes death is sudden and unexpected leaving a person with no idea where to start. A good idea is to ask family members or friends if they can recommend anyone to help you. Word of mouth is extremely important in any industry, but especially in the funeral business. A good headstone dealer or monument company will be understanding and will give you the information you need in a comforting way.

A good monument company will also taking into consideration where your loved one will be buried and ensure the headstone fits into place with the rules and regulations of the cemetery. They’ll also make sure there is an adequate balance between the gravestone you want and your budgetary needs. While choosing a headstone can be daunting, it is a task that must be done and having the right dealer makes the process much easier for those seeking solace.