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Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Cemetery rules and regulations vary depending on the town or city where the cemetery resides. Cemeteries are subject to the laws of the town or city where it is located and many city councils will impose rules and regulations for cemeteries to follow. Cemeteries may also add additional rules at their own discretion, so long as they don’t violate any laws of the city or state.

Modern cemeteries or cemeteries within crowded cities may be stricter than smaller townships because space is limited and maintenance is more expensive. Also take note that many churchyards may limit their burials to church members to preserve the integrity of their religion.

Cemeteries may also have rules and regulations for headstones and burial markers to prevent vandals from defacing or causing destruction to headstones. To combat this activity, they impose visiting hours or install gates around the cemetery to prevent unauthorized guests from entering the grounds.

Rules and regulations vary for each cemetery, so it is important for you to obtain a written record of all the rules and regulations the cemetery has in place. This document will be useful should a dispute arise.

Make sure you ask about any size or color restrictions the cemetery may have. If you would like a headstone that includes a vase for flowers or a special design, make sure you mention that as well. The cemetery may not allow headstones or burial markers with vases and they may not approve of certain designs.

Be sure to also ask about any fees and paperwork you need to fill out. The cemetery may require you to pay a permit fee or pay for additional costs associated with the foundation or installation of the headstone. Cemeteries will generally require that you fill out some paperwork for headstones that are purchased from outside vendors. This contains information about the gravestone and approval for placement and burial.

It is very important that you understand the rules and regulations of the cemetery before you place an order for a headstone. Once a gravestone has been created and engraved to your specifications, it cannot be returned or changed.