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High Quality Granite Colors

Headstones are commonly made of granite for its durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. We offer a variety of granite colors for various monument models.

Durability. Granite doesn’t shatter like slate, deteriorate like sandstone, or stain like marble. Granite can sustain years of weathering from rain, heat, snow, and ice, and still maintain its original form and integrity.

Versatility. Granite can be etched, sandblasted, polished, and carved with beautiful results. In fact, services like etching or sandblasting are almost always recommended for stones like granite because its hard nature is able to withstand the pressurized air from sandblasting or the melting from laser etching.

Aesthetic Appeal. Many types of granite will contain flecks of green, blue, gray or streaks of gold depending on the minerals present in the stone. This does not degrade from the quality of the stone and should be expected whenever you select an igneous rock like granite. In fact, because granite is made up of many minerals such as quartz, feldspar, and mica, it would be strange to find a stone with very little ‘natural imperfections.’