Different Types of Burial Plots

Before you order a headstone you should have an idea of the type of burial plot you would like. Generally speaking, there are four different kinds of burial plots: single plot, family plot, companion plot, and plots for cremated remains.

The most common type of burial plots is a single plot. Single plots are classified as single when a grave contains the remains of one person. Much of the time the person’s remains are contained in either an urn or a casket.

If you have a spouse, significant other, or family member you would like to be buried next to, you should consider a companion plot. Companion plots are generally purchased on a pre-need basis and may be cheaper than ordering two different gravestones and two separate plots. Couples may be buried side by side or with a single, deep grave with the caskets on top of one another. It’s also not uncommon for twins to be buried next to each other as well.

Family plots are larger sections of the cemetery with many reserved plots for members of one family. Typically a large, headstone with the family name is displayed and the surrounding area contains smaller headstones located where family members are buried each with their own personal information engraved on the stone. However, family plots are subject to the rules and regulations of a cemetery and must place their gravestones accordingly.

Plots for cremated remains may contain the remains of more than one person because inurned remains take up less space than bodies. Cemeteries can vary widely with their rules regarding cremated remains. Sometimes cemeteries will allow several urns to be buried together, while other may require separate plots for each internment. If you choose cremation, make sure you understand the burial process with the cemetery.

As with any aspect of funeral planning, if you’re purchasing a burial plot and headstone on a pre-need basis, make sure you have contacted an attorney to sort out any legal issues that may come up after your death and to ensure your plans are carried out as you wished.