What are endearments?

Endearments are short expressions of love and affection that found on many monuments. They are often used to specify how the deceased one will be remembered and also provide short, simple words describing what that person meant to his or her family and friends. Common endearments inscribed on headstones include:
Beloved Wife and Mother
Beloved Husband and Father
Beloved Son
Beloved Daughter
Loving Son and Husband
Loving Daughter, Wife, and Friend
Always in Our Hearts
Husband, Son, Uncle
Our Tiny Angel
Endearments don’t have to be a simple as what is listed above; they can be as creative and loving as the author creates. An endearment can also be etched or engraved into a headstone or grave marker. They can also be located on any side of the gravestone that is visible to the cemetery’s guests depending on the design of the headstone.

As with epitaphs and verses, endearments require just as much thought into selecting the appropriate words to describe someone. In a way, an endearment can be much harder to think about because there are often endless amounts of words to describe our love for someone and it is often difficult to put how we feel about someone into words.

Unlike epitaphs or verses, which tend to be longer depending on the message being conveyed, gravestone endearments are short and sweet. For those who are budget conscious, endearments also tend to be less expensive than longer verses because they require less etching and engraving than traditional epitaphs and verses. Endearments can also have just as much impact as an epitaph or verse, which makes them popular for many people who are stricken with grief.

An endearment can be just as thought provoking as an epitaph or verse. It’s not uncommon for visitors to stop at simple grave markers with short endearments engraved on them and reflects upon the individual buried there. The deceased no longer is just a person buried in the ground, but a human being that impacted someone’s life. Even gravestones marked ‘unknown’ provide a sense of somber reflection for those who notice.